FACT:  The Senior population is growing fast and so are their risks. Criminals are targeting seniors in alarming numbers.
 FACT:  Predatory caregiving is becoming an epidemic within the senior community, often leading to fraud and murder.
 FACT:  A safe and healthy future is possible!

"Saving our Parents" arms you with the knowledge required to make crucial decisions to ensure your family a secure and loving future. Plus, some of America's best-selling authors share their secrets to happy, healthy aging.

"More than half of the elders in the U.S will suffer some form of elder abuse" —Marc Hankin, Elder Abuse Attorney

"It's like the Hurricane Katrina's coming and we're not doing anything about it" —Chayo Reyes, LAPD Detective (Retired)

"This DVD is essential viewing for all adult children with aging parents" —Dr. Abdelmonem A. Afifi, Dean Emeritus, UCLA, School of Public Health

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