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Why we made this film
Anyone could receive a phone call
that will change their lives forever.

Ken and Debby Bitticks received their first life-changing phone call in Spring 2002 when they suddenly became caregivers for her aging father.

Caring for Debby's father was a meaningful, loving experience-that touched the lives of all the members of their four generation family. Debby's father lived out his final years, safe and secure in the care of his children, in their home, surrounded by a loving family.

The second phone call that the Bitticks' received took them on more traumatic and unexpected journey. Ken and Debby were totally unprepared when they encountered a professional caregiver who personified the now overwhelming epidemic of predatory caregivers. Realizing the danger Ken's father was in, they decided to also move him into their home.

Ken and Debby promised both fathers that they would tell their story, and dedicate a film in their honor which would educate, inspire and help families to live safer, healthier, happier and more organized lives.

"We hope that other families can benefit from the knowledge and insights we have gained through our own personal experiences and journey into the golden years."
Ken and Debby Bitticks


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