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About the Documentary
Hosted by Emmy and Golden Globe winner Ed Asner and supported by a team of experts, Saving Our Parents is a
must see wake-up call for every generation!

Our parents and loved ones are living longer than ever before. Between 1990 and 2020 the number of 65 to 74 year old Americans will increase by a staggering 75%.
As the senior population surges, so does their risk for falling prey to elder abuse. Predatory Caregivers... Crooked Conservators... Neglectful Nursing Homes — the "golden" years have never been more dangerous.

    Respected Law Enforcement & Elder Abuse Specialists Reveal Tips for Prevention        
    William Bratton
LAPD Police Chief

  Dennis Bogard
Chief Inspector
LA Fire Dept. (ret)
  Dr. Jonathon Fielding Public Health Director  

  Sanjaya Saxena, MD
Psychiatrist / Director
UCSD OCD Program
Chayo Reyes
LAPD Specialist
in Elder Fraud (ret)
Marc Hankin
Elder Abuse Attorney/ Author
  Nils Grevillius
P.I. Specializing in Elder Abuse cases

Solutions to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe and Inspirations for Healthy Aging

Featuring real-life events, Saving our Parents is a startling demonstration of the potential pitfalls facing today's aging adults. Exposing scams and the devious crooks that may have us or our parents in their cross-hairs, this compelling documentary delivers a message that will both empower and motivate.

Professionals, experts and "victims" share life-saving knowledge and inspirational insights with candor, their heartfelt message guiding us, our parents and our loved ones safely into the golden years.

    Celebrity, Motivational & Aging Experts Share their Knowledge        
    Art Linkletter
TV Personality, Author
  Michael Reagan Radio Host/Author

  Debby Bitticks Intergenerational Specialist/Author  

  Dorothy Breininger
Organizer, Author
Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen     
Co-creators: Chicken Soup for the Soul     
  Dr Marion Somers Geriatric Care Manager

Segments Include:  
  • Predatory Caregivers
  • Unscrupulous Conservators
  • Inspiring advice
  • Fraud and Senior Scams
  • Elders impacted by Hoarding
  • Motivational wisdom
  • Nursing Home Neglect
  • Long Term Care Solutions
  • Intergenerational
    Care Tips

This woman's elderly Uncle was
befriended by a man who convinced him to revise his Will-making himself the beneficiary of a $1.3 million inheritance.

At 72, this recovering "hoarder" was almost jailed because of his compulsion. See amazing video footage of his house before and after a court-ordered clean up.

Learn how an 83 year old woman was scammed by an unscrupulous conservator and lost her life savings.

As this loving husband provides care for his severely debilitated, bed-ridden wife he relies on the kindly professional guidance of a Geriatric care Manager.

A tragic death caused by neglect at the hands of an incompetent nursing home rock this family's world.

The President's son shares his emotional story of caring for a parent with Alzheimer's.

Instead of moving into an assisted living community, Ernie and Ginny were invited "home" and moved in with Ernie's family. See a remodeled "intergenerational" home.

Saving our Parents can't help with the aches and aging,
but it may save a life... possibly one of your parent's!

This documentary is immediately available for television distribution. In addition, it's also available to educational, governmental and senior-related institutions as an invaluable educational tool.

For retail purchase information please call 818-784-9405
Running Time: Approx 60 mins
Bonus Materials: Resource Guide & Extended Interviews


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